Our products & activities

Alloy wheels, floor mats, exterior design elements and tow bars are just a grasp out of our wide range of Honda car accessories, that we offer to regional Honda importers. Our products are of distinctive quality and tested to ensure safety and durability, with respect for the environment. Supported by Honda Motor Europe Logistics, our logistics partner in Ghent, we organize timely delivery of accessories to Honda dealers and importers in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Where we come from

Our history starts in 1991 when our company was founded as a branch office of Honda Access Japan. Four years later Honda Access Europe NV was incorporated. Our office is located in Belgium, in Aalst, between Ghent and Brussels.

Who we are today

To meet the requirements of a changing European car market and to form a stronger unit with our cars division, we are now a direct partner to Honda Motor Europe. Our associates are committed to provide the best service to our customers, representing the Honda core values.

Our company structure

Find out more about our departments, their activities and objectives.

Supply Chain Management

We make sure all accessories and options are delivered in due time to our customers wherever they are in Europe, Africa or the Middle East. We assure the delivery performance from suppliers to Honda Access Europe and from Honda Access Europe to the dealers and Option Mount Centres.


We assure that our customers receive the correct service. We define and implement the warranty procedures in line with the warranty policy of local Honda importers.

Product Planning

We develop, oversee and implement product planning strategies and products on a medium-term basis (1 to 3 years), in order to meet the organizational business objectives and to position our products successfully into the market.


We define mid-term sales strategies and action plans, in order to achieve our sales targets, to support sales and strategies at local Honda importers and to enhance and improve our customer service.


We develop, implement and maintain marketing strategies, to position our products successfully into the market, to support the Honda brand and to reinforce local sales efforts.

Advanced Product Planning

We perform advanced technical and trend research, related to new product planning, styling and design, including research and strategy linked to car items and car model development.


We are responsible for the overall project management regarding car models and items, sample management for ongoing development, items research and strategy.

Quality Control

We are responsible for new car models' quality maturation and supplier quality, as well as market quality (claims and export).

Purchasing and sustainability

We manage all cost control activities related to target costs, profitability, supplier selection and performance, in order to assure the best supply conditions and to guarantee on-time sales. We assure that all products meet the general environmental regulations, REACH and HAZMAT compliance. We release IMDS documents before on-time sales.

Human Resources / Legal / Health & Safety

Our goals is to provide effective policies, procedures, guidelines and support, such as compensation, training, organization development, legal and safety. We aim to allow the company and our associates to achieve the business objectives and to assure associates satisfaction.


We aim to guarantee the continuity and stability of the company's IT and communication infrastructure (HM & R&D).


By budgeting, auditing, organizing and controlling the company's finances, we support the company to achieve its business objectives.


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